Friday Infographic: 12 Things to Do Once Your Blogpost is Done

Blogging is important, we saw that last week in our weekly infographic. But it’s not that easy. And once you’ve written your blogpost you also need to make sure people actually see it. So what do you do when your blogpost is done? This infographic looks at that.



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4 thoughts on “Friday Infographic: 12 Things to Do Once Your Blogpost is Done

  1. Nice. I think number four is what I’m going to do for my
    blog post. I actually do not tailor my status updates. While shortening URL
    should be done, especially with Twitter. I was having a hard time using the
    best out of 140 characters so; I must not stop thinking about this simple yet
    VERY USEFUL tip about URL.

    I always bookmark my post on social media sites. There is a
    big difference between doing it or not.

    My wrapping up? This is a helpful post for me. It’s nice to
    be reminded! Thanks!

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  2. Obviously, after getting a blog post ready the next logical step to follow is optimize it for search engines and give it the necessary promotion. The 12 tips shared in this infographic readily discussed these steps.

    However, getting the best from optimization and promotion will mean that the blogger should follow the fundamentals and consistently do what is necessary!

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    Sunday – contributor

  3. I’ve seen this infographic shared on another article I’ve found at Well, I will just leave the same comment, since they are the same.

    I like the style and the design of the infographic given above. The design was neat, the details are well-organized and the over-all look had a nice combination of colors. However, the texts are way too small for me to read.

    Anyway, I’ve learned here that your job as a blogger would not end right after you have written your blog posts.

    You need to do a lot of things after writing a post, like optimizing your content keywords, shortening your content URL, and tailoring your status updates.

    The rest of the tips shared on this checklist are indeed valuable.

    Thanks for the post!


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