15 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing – SES London ( #SESUK ) @leeodden

I’ll be honest when Bas sorted tickets for us to cover SES London there was one session I really wanted to really wanted to cover this one with Lee Odden from Top Rank Blog.

Here are my big take aways from his session.

  1. 85% of UK Marketers Think Content Marketing is Important but only 50% have a strategy
  2. Everything you do has the potential to help you create content, see the opportunity in everything you do.
  3. When you make any piece of content think about what your customers want. Just because you can create do doesn’t mean you should.
  4. The act of being social often can be a means of creating content
  5. Brands not providing good content are actually delivering bad customer service
  6. Think if you got your FAQ section well optimised just think how much you’d save on customer service costs.
  7. If you get your calls to action right rich content will drive conversions even though you might not expect it to.
  8. Persona development is essential part of the content production process and makes it easier to create content
  9. Curation is a legitimate form of content production
  10. Audit what content you already have, in many cases you already have enough content to get started
  11. Optimise everything new you put out on the web, if it’s content an SEO should touch it before it goes live.
  12. Ask your current customers questions it’ll help you in your persona development
  13. Check out Flowtown to get information on social media websites used by your email marketing subscribers
  14. If you’ve not got an editorial calendar you don’t have a content marketing strategy.
  15. Repurposing for new audiences allows you to get more from your content

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Kelvin Newman is Creative Director at SiteVisibility and specialises in achieving natural search results and producing link-worthy online content, working with a variety of brands including the RSPCA & uSwitch.

3 thoughts on “15 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing – SES London ( #SESUK ) @leeodden

  1. Firstly – really wish i could be at SESUK been following the trends for the past few days and it looks like im missing out big time.

    Like the few things you mentioned here, do you know if these are the things Lee will be covering in his webinar on the 10th of march as well ??

    Chris Captivate

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