500 posts on State of Search: this is our top 10

500 posts on State of Search: this is our top 10

1st February 2011

The post from Louis which went live early this afternoon turns out  to be the 500th post on State of Search. That’s quite an impressive number of posts on a website which doesn’t even exists for a year. That makes us very proud.

The 500 articles were written by our great blogging team (which will get a new face tomorrow!). Each single member of that team has made their contribution to the succes of this site. So my thanks goes out to Lisa, Nichola, Barry, Louis, Sam M, Evert, Jeroen, Kelvin, Peter, Bastian, Annabel and Sam C! There are many great quality articles and off course our event coverage has really helped!

Especially for you we’ve made a list of our most successful posts on State of Search. Enjoy!

1. 10 Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers & 10 Essential Tools to do it

This great post by Sam Murray is the absolute killer when it comes to traffic. It is getting a lot of search traffic and still people are finding this post through Twitter. And why not, it touches what many are looking for: getting more followers on Twitter.

2. Top 15 of Eric Schmidt’s remarkable quotes

This post has the most backlinks of all posts and with reason: Eric Schmidt is hot on the web. And he never seemed to stop making crazy remarks. This post gathers 15 of his most remarkable ones.

3. The Definitive Guide to Image Search Optimisation

When thinking of images it most of the time is not the first thing marketers think of when they are talking about optimizing websites. Yet it is a great way of getting into the SERPS, especially with Universal Search. And Barry sure knows how to do it. Lucky for us he wants to share that!

4. Google universal ranking factors: an overview of resources

Jeroen’s post on Google universal ranking factors got over a 100 tweets and is one of those posts which sings around on Stumbleupon. A great posts with lots of valuable links in it.

5. Forget Google Streetview, here is Bing Streetside: wow!

Even though this post didn’t really make it that big on Twitter people do find this post a lot through Google and Bing. It shows how curious people are about new products and nice things.

6. Google Local Business Listings – Will it ever be fixed?

One of Lisa’s last posts before she went on maternity leave was about her speciality: Local. She talks about hijacking, tracking and other issues within Google Places. An eye-opener!

7. Brand SEO: Tips for building equity off-site

Probably one of Nichola’s best posts is “Brand SEO: Tips for building equity off-site”. In this post she explains how branding SEO should be done. Everybody should read this one.

8. Linkbuilding tactics: Getting the attention to get your article into the wrap up posts

With the help of industry experts from Searchengineland, Searchenginewatch and Pandia we were able to create an insight into how you can get your posts into those wanted wrap up posts you see every week.

9. Link Building The Philanthropic Way

Everybody wants links and everybody is looking for ways to get them. Annabel found an angle on getting these links which not many have taken before: the “Philanthropic Way”. A really remarkable post.

10. 8 things linkbuilders shouldn’t do when asking for links

42 comments already on this post. Why? Because it’s an hot issue for everybody: we all get crazy link requests and we all see the ‘agressive’ linkbuilders. Some of us maybe even are. This posts focusses on what you should not be doing.

These are the ten best scoring posts, but we have much more great content. Take a look at our different categories and see what great content all of our writers have created. It’s 500 posts of pure magic.

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