7 Chrome Extensions to Improve Busy Digital Marketers Online Productivity

7 Chrome Extensions to Improve Busy Digital Marketers Online Productivity

25th November 2013

Beyond the many challenges that digital marketers face on our day-to-day, we’re also almost always online, interacting with a high amount of information coming from emails and many social networks at the same time, sharing with colleagues or communicating with the team, usually “on the go” with clients or events.

How to stay highly productive in these circumstances? It can be challenging but it’s possible with the help of some tools and automation.

Online Productivity Chrome Extensions

I already shared in the past a list of non-SEO tools and ideas to make an SEO life more productive, many of them Web based tools, nonetheless, I’ve been doing an effort to optimize my individual usage of tools too, as it can be time consuming (just by opening the apps and switching between different interfaces).

I’ve achieved this by creating short-cuts to access the tools and use their functionality directly from the browser with the help of extensions. Here are 7 of the most useful Chrome extensions I’ve found and use to improve my online productivity:

1. To archive Web information: Evernote Web Clipper

The Web Clipper is Evernote‘s extension to take screenshots, make comments, save documents you want to check later on the app or even just share it directly in your social networks. I’ve found it to be especially useful during research.

Evernote Web Clipper

2. To quickly check email: Mail Checker Plus

Do you want to get alerted when you receive an email to your Gmail account while you’re browsing or check and reply your emails without leaving your browser? Mail Checker Plus allows you to do it.

Mail Checker Plus

3. To keep updated of your activities: Google Calendar Extension

Do you want to do the same with your Google Calendar? Check it directly from your browser by clicking on the extension icon or add new events to your calendar too.

Google Calendar Activities

4. To facilitate skim reading: BuzzWord Filter

Do you have a hard time skim reading due to the amount of “buzzwords” some articles have?

With the BuzzWord filter extension you can define those terms that you don’t find relevant or valuable and next time you read a post you’ll only have to click on the extension to filter them out of the content. In case you want to verify which these are, you can click again and they will be shown in green.

Buzzwords Block Extension

5. To reduce tabs clutter: One Tab

Do you always end up having too many, cluttered tabs across many browser windows? Click on the One Tab extension and convert all the opened tabs into a list where you can access your current open tabs and have a history of the ones that you have opened in the past, along their date and time. You can also restore and export them.

One Tab for Chrome

6. To easily update your social networks: Buffer

Looking to quickly share an article on your social networks without leaving the browser? Buffer has an extension to do it. You can also make the most out of the extension by “buffering” the desired information according to a pre-defined schedule you have set for your optimal times, making sure you keep your social channels updated with the minimum effort.

Buffer Chrome

7. To control procrastination: StayFocusd

Last but not least, in case you really need to completely focus and you don’t want to fall into the temptation to procrastinate by entering to non-work related sites, you can block the usage of the selected sites for some specific times every day, allow their browsing for a defined time per day or to restrict the browsing activity only during some days per week.

StayFocusd Site Block

Do you know about other Chrome extensions to help improve online productivity? Share them here!

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