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2 thoughts on “A Look at Google’s Revenue and Expenses

  1. Love this Infographic as it clearly shows just how Google do face rising costs but that they have had very little impact on profit. Going from 4 billion to 9.7 billion in four years is fantastic and certainly shows that extent to which AdWords cost have risen over time and competition has increased.

    The final statement about being successful by offering free products although true certainly isn’t something that’s always easy to replicate (e.g. a lot of free mobile apps have found it hard to monetize) so it’s one to be careful with.

  2. Good Infographics folks. Loved the way the data is being represented. As Google is slowly getting into hardware, they will also start making more money in the combination of motorola and android. With the launch of their devices such as chrome book, Google nexus etc, they are certainly telling the world that they are here to stay in the hardware field. Google is certainly making some revenue out of businesses through its “Google Apps” for business and also through the developers via chrome store and play store app submissions.

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