A New Push For Google+, Is Google Going After Quora?

A New Push For Google+, Is Google Going After Quora?

23rd January 2012

Ok, I won’t be repeating it too much, but it is true. Google is pushing Google+ in every possible way they can. Google+ is the center of attention for Google, and they will try anything to get people to use the service.

Since last week Google has found a new way of getting peoples attention towards Plus, with an interesting side effect: it might threaten services like Quora.

Since last week at the bottom of your search results you will see a line at the bottom of your search results saying “Want to ask your friends about <<topic you searched for>>? Ask on Google+:

The link then takes you to a pop up which allows you to ask a question on Google+:

After you post the question, it appears at the top of your Google+ stream.

Quora competitor?

It is a smart move by Google, since many people use Social Networks to ask questions, something they used to do on Google, now in many cases shifts to Social Networks, in some cases because they cannot find the right ‘answer’ on Google. Just look around Twitter and you will find many people asking questions to their peers.

This has led to new services like Quora, which focus entirely on Questions and Answers. Keeping in mind that Google+ has a pre to other Social Networks when it comes to conversations (there are many more comments on Google+) it makes sense that Google is pushing this.

Could this however be a threat to services like Quora? If there are enough people using Google+ it might very well be so, but that is still the issue: it hasn’t gone mainstream yet (neither has Quora by the way).

If Google really gets people to use this feature they will have another part of social networking under control.


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