A summer interview with… Roy Huiskes (@chapter42): “get yourself refreshed with an ice cold beer”

A summer interview with… Roy Huiskes (@chapter42): “get yourself refreshed with an ice cold beer”

5th August 2010

There are many great search-experts out there. We decided we wanted to give some extra attention to some of them. Therefore we will be interviewing some of these experts. During the entire summer you will be served with short interviews with influential people in the industry. You will be seeing interviews with the likes of Joost de Valk, Marcus Tandler, Chris Sherman, Mike Grehan and Danny Sullivan, and off course our bloggers! Be aware that some interviews will be published in the newsletter!

Today: One of my closest friends within the industry and co-host of the State of Search radioshow: Roy Huiskes

1- Can you introduce yourself in one paragraph?

I am Roy Huiskes, SEO for Jaludo.com and I run my own Dutch blog on chapter42.com. I also run a couple of small content sites in the Netherlands.

2- What are you doing this summer?

Working and sweating. It’s a hot summer in the Netherlands and I work all summer because I’m going to start a consultancy agency in Seo and conversion optimization in September so I actually am preparing this whole thing right know, through networking, getting some nice clients to start with and of course fixing my website, because I believe in practice what you preach. Furthermore I’m going to do some city trips through Europe.

3- What is the most hottest subject in search at the moment, what should every SEO be looking into

It’s hard to choose between cross domain canonical or just pick local search, which is really getting through as a great opportunity for a lot of people. I also like to play around with word press a lot because of the fast way you can create good-looking and highly converting websites which also rank pretty well in a reasonable amount of time.

4- What do you think is the “state of search” at the moment, is the industry doing good?

By being on the in-house side for a while I don’t hear that much from the agency perspective which is actually a nice thing. I also notice that a lot of trends are boeing debunked and it looks like competition is getting harder between SEO’s in general. There more cliques than I’ve ever noticed before. For a lot of advertisers that much didn’t change, they still don’t get it or are making a great buck with it. Although I do notice a more integrated approach from some companies I think a lot of people are focusing on social media. Please keep doing so, it’s only three spots in the top three and the last thing we need is a crowded house.

5- What is your favorite website, apart from your own?

I like lamebook.com a lot and also still in great favor of popurls.com, google.com is a favourite together with all the tools they provide like Google reader. Geek and poke is pretty awesome as well and I like clicking on “like” buttons on Facebook.

6- Can “social marketing / media” and search survive apart from each other?

Sure they can they questions is, if that approach is the smart approach. Integration is the key to a good campaign and google is focusing a bit more on your digital footprint then it was ever before. Don’t forget you get the best links through good relationships and social networking is a good way of finding and keeping in touch with people you find interesting or may have an interest in you.

7- What’s your search tip for the summer?

Don’t forget to get yourself refreshed with an ice cold beer every once and a while and despite of all the cool social networks, pick a good day to grab a bite or a beer with people you really care about. Keep in touch, I know I will!

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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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