A4U Expo Europe 2011 Preview – Munich Edition
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A4U Expo Europe 2011 Preview – Munich Edition

6th June 2011

I’ll be heading out for A4U Expo Europe in a bit and thought it’ll be nice to give a quick overview on this years’ edition. The event will take place in beautiful Munich, again. The Hilton Park Hotel Munich will be the events location and things will kick-off on Monday evening with a first pre-party at the famous Vice Bar in central Munich. It’s gonna be the official networking party and a first chance for delegates to met with speakers, etc. – but also will be the first chance to register for the conference and collect the badge – that’ll save some value-able time on Tuesday.

Talking about the conference itself: There are over 40 sessions on this year’s jam-packed, two-day agenda. Wow! Quite a bit, right? One thing I really liked about alle the A4U schedules in the past was the really broad range of topics – and this seems to be true for 2011, once again. From SEO to social, SEA and much more. It’s almost garuanteed that you’ll find your session at A4U. And besides of that: Great parties and a lot of networking opportunities a art of the A4U core-concept, for sure.

Speed Networking: Newly introduced for A4U Europe

The Speed Networking event was first showcased at a4uexpo London and enables advertisers and publishers to meet, share ideas and contacts before moving on to meet new people.” – that’s what the A4U website has to say. So the idea is to push networking on step further by having a pre-defined time slot where you just do meet, talk, connect, and move on. Meet, talk… – you get the idea. I’ve attended various speed networking sessions at other events – it’s really fun and especially if you’re new to the industry or just want to get some new and potential business partners I strongly recommend you give it a try. Keep in mind that you have to register up-front (it’s free).

Roundtable discussions

Another new format that’ll take place for the first time in A4U Europe’s history are these so called “Roundtable discussions”: It seems that those worked quite well in London (but somehow I missed them last year…) and as a corollary the A4U team decided to bring them to Munich as well. Basically these roundtables are just small discussion groups – but keep in mind they’ll be hosted by some hand-picked industry experts. That’ll make things interesting for sure! And especially because there will be a broad range of topics to pick from: SEO, SEA as well as re-targeting/re-marketing and social media, etc. And no presentations; very nice!


And if you’re still uncertain if you wanna go, also keep in mind that we’ll have various StateOfSearch bloggers attending and speaking (make sure you come by and say hi) – and as is that isn’t more than enough: Check out our coverage from London 2010, make sure you listen to the podcast where organizer Matthew Wood talks about the show and afterwards, make sure you get a ticket with 10% discount using the code SOS10. See you there!


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