A4U Speaker: Kevin Gibbons (@kevgibbo): “it’s a real mixture of topics”

A4U Speaker: Kevin Gibbons (@kevgibbo): “it’s a real mixture of topics”

5th October 2010

In two weeks time its A4U Expo London 2010. As a mediapartner we will off course be present at the Excel Centre to cover the conference, but there is more! We not only gave away the free ticket for the conference, we also talk about the show in advance, on our radioshow, on our special A4U page and right here! We have asked several speakers some questions about A4U Expo. You can find their answers here, plus the reasons you should go and see their specific sessions!

Today the answers of Kevin Gibbons. SEOptimise founder Kevin Gibbons is a web expert with over 10 years’ experience. He has specialised in the field of search engine marketing since 2003, advising a wide range of industry sectors on increasing their online visibility by using the latest search engine marketing techniques.

Go see his answers here:

1- What makes A4U a different conference to be speaking at than others?

Last year was the first year I’ve attended a4uexpo and I have to admit I was surprised by how big the event was. Although after attending the first few sessions it wasn’t difficult to see why this was so popular, most sessions were packed full of useful information and tips – plus it caters for a wide audience which is great to see.

2- What can people expect from your presentation?

My presentation looks at 20 social media tools and 20 WordPress plugins – while it’s obviously not going to go into huge amounts of detail, what I’m looking to achieve is to give everyone a few new ideas that they can go away with. It’s difficult to keep up-to-date with everything that’s new these days, so this should give enough of an overview on each and covers a range of different tools and plugins – so there should be something for everyone.

3- Why should people attend your session instead of the other ones?

If you’re interested in learning about how to use social media and WordPress blogging to help grow your websites, then this should definitely be of interest. And of course it’s an affiliate crowd – so I’ve thrown in a few tips on how to use this to make money online too!

4- Which other sessions would you recommend?

What I like about a4u is the fact, that it’s a real mixture of topics. So there’s many search and social media presentations which I’m looking forward to seeing, the negative SEO panel definitely stands out as a must see. But there’s also those which are a bit different, such as business talks (e.g. Michelle Dewberry, the former Apprentice winner), many from affiliates and also client-side presentations – so it should give a great mixture of perspectives about affiliate and online marketing.

5- Why do Affiliates and SEOs need each other?

SEO, in my (admittedly biased) opinion, is probably the best skill you can learn as an affiliate marketer. There are many different tactics you can use to promote a site, but if you can setup a site to deliver long-term targeted organic traffic directly to a site, then it’s going to be far easier to make a profit online. At the same time – being an affiliate is a great way of learning about SEO. It can be a great way to try and test out some new ideas to help optimising for search.

6- Whats the biggest mistake you’ve made when it comes to affiliate marketing?

A large amount of my SEO experience was self-taught and built up using affiliate sites – so I’ve made loads of mistakes! Although I think an easy mistake I got into in the early days was to have too many ideas. Every time I thought about a potential affiliate site, I just built it and then quickly moved onto the next idea – in hindsight, it would have made far more sense to focus around building a single idea which could then be scaled up. Far too many affiliate sites just make a handful of cash, which when you work out your effective billing rate for working on the site it really doesn’t add up. So my tip would be to find an idea which justifies the effort and focus on building that up, then you can move onto the next one once it’s working.

Do you have a question for Kevin which he can answer in his presentation? Post it in the comments here and we’ll make sure he gets them!

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