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Welcome to the State of Digital Academy, based on the KoozAcademy, a  revolutionary new training programme that will make your marketing team more knowledgeable on the topics they need more knowledge on!

No more one size fits all, training customised for you!

Does your marketing team need more knowledge?

  • * Are people within your business eager to learn?
  • * Are your marketers trying to stay up-to-date by reading articles and books, monitoring social media, attending events and conferences as well as signing up for training courses?
  • * Are you one of the businesses that struggles to get their teams trained to the level required?
  • * And do you feel all these have one major issue: they are too generic?

Most courses, conferences and events are designed for the market, not for individual circumstances. They only touches on certain elements so the marketer on the course doesn’t get what they need out of it and the course is often not worth the money it cost.

State of Digital now fixes this!

State of Digital’s revolutionary new training programme will not only guarantee a better quality of education, it will make sure the content and training provided makes it worth every penny!

By customising the training session to the learners needs. Training is bespoke to the individual or company booking the course.

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The background story

The State of Digital Academy originates from the KoozAcademy which was launched by Koozai back in 2013. Koozai were looking for the most effective way to train their team and sending them all out to conferences was proving not only costly but also they were not getting the benefit from them.

Koozai then took a different approach and they decided to get some of the best speakers to come in to their head office and work with their entire team. This meant fully customised hands on training on particular topics with some of the leading experts in the digitial industry. The end result? The team got a wealth of knowledge instilled into them in a short space of time and everyone benefitted. Koozai have continued with this training approach since 2013 and will continue moving forwards. Read more about it here.

How does the academy work?

State of Digital takes it one step further. Using high level trainers with hands on experience in the industry, State of Digital offers customised training to agencies, brands and in-house teams.

Trainers will come to the offices of the trainees.

They will spend time getting them completely up-to-date with the topics they actually need to gain knowledge on and the course will be fully customised to the group sitting the course.

Who should do this?

State of Digital will work with brands, in-house teams and agencies to understand where the knowledge gaps are within the businesses. We will conduct an in-depth assessment of the business before matching the business with the most appropriate trainers for them. The State of Digital team will then offer a completely customised training programme tailored to the needs of the business.

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Meet your trainers

For every business the programme will be customised to make it as efficient as possible. This means you will get the trainers that fits your needs best. But we can assure you the trainers are top notch. The best in the industry and so knowlegdeable because they work with the issues you run into every single day.

Meet a few of our trainers:

 Bas-van-den-Beld  Aleyda Solis - International SEO  cindy-krum  barry-wins  sam
Bas van den Beld Aleyda Solis Cindy Krum Barry Adams Sam Noble
State of Digital
European Search PersonalityDigital Marketing;
Content Marketing;
Social Media

International SEO Consultant

SEO in general;
International SEO;
Mobile SEO;
Technical SEO;
SEO Strategy

Mobile Marketing Consultant

Mobile SEO;
Mobile Marketing;

Polemic Digital
SEO Consultant

Technical SEO;
Digital Strategy

Marketing Director

Digital Marketing;

Other trainers include:

Kirsty Hulse; Russell O’Sullivan, Kristjan Hauksson, Jackie Hole, Jono Alderson. And many more names on the list, ask us about the trainers!

More trainers here

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4 benefits from training with the State of Digital Academy

Why you should do this you ask? It’s very simple! Here are four major benefits for you.

Increase your knowledge rapidly

No more looking around for the right fit in training. It will only take one day to completely update you on a topic.

Customised for you

The training will be customised to your needs. No more one-size-fits-all but training sessions that answer your questions and fill the gaps in your organisation.

The trainers come to you!

No need to travel, no costs for travel! Trainers will come and visit your offices or any location you pick.

The best trainers possible

All trainers are instructed and briefed by State of Digital and have a wealth of experience on their topics. They are industry experts because they do the job themselves every single day.

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