Academy Trainers

The State of Digital Academy is a unique concept which needs a unique trainer for every circumstance needed. That is why we are working together with many of the greatest minds in the industry, some of the best speakers and trainers.

Find here a list of the trainers currently connected to the Academy. Keep coming back, because this list is growing daily to fit the best possible trainers to your needs!

Meet our trainers

Bas van den Beld
Sam Noble
Barry Adams
Kirsty Hulse
Kaspar Szymanski
Fili Wiese
Paul Madden
Russell O’Sullivan
Stacey Cavanagh
Tara West
James Crawford
Laura Crimmons
Kristjan Hauksson
Gianluca Fiorelli
Cindy Krum
Emily Grossmann
Jackie Hole

And many more to follow!


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