Do you, like many others, find it hard to get to your exact target audience? They are everywhere! Are you looking for that new sign up for your workshop, or looking for that agency that will use your tools? Or are you looking for that new young employee?

State of Digital is a place where all of this comes together. Almost 5000 people involved in marketing come to our website every day to check out the latest on what is happening in digital marketing. Young marketers at the start of their careers, decision makers who are looking for confirmation on their decisions, they are all there.

In the past few Years State of Digital has helped events, agencies and tools get in touch with their audience and increase their sales, whether it’s tickets, clients or users, and find new employees. They worked with State of Digital on webinars (for example a complete tools week in 2013), whitepapers (SEO Now in cooperation with Linkdex was a huge success) and targeted social campaigns like competitions and give aways.

You can now also work with State of Digital to reach your target audience, those working in marketing.

The opportunities vary from our bigger plans to regular advertising:

Working with a ‘project’ on State of Digital: get featured in our special projects where we highlight a specific topic for our audience or add your own content to the projects.
Be part of a webinar or feature your own: State of Digital organizes webinars (online training sessions). As a partner you can feature and get in touch with the attendees. There is also the option to feature your own webinar.
Work with us on a white paper: be a partner or have your own white papers featured on State of Digital.
Be part of targeted newsletters: feature or have your own newsletter sent to our targeted audience.
Podcast partner: be part of the State of Digital Marketing Podcast.
Banner advertising: although not as much as others, we also have banner ad opportunities: leaderboard, side banners and in post banners.

End of the year discounts

Since we are going to change some things around in the next few months we want to give you the opportunity to ‘try out’ State of Digital with some major discounts, act now and get in touch with over 5000 marketers daily!

Some of the discounts:

  • A top banner on State of Digital (only 1 available!) 800 euros per week now 800 euros per month!
  • Side banner on State of Digital (only 3 available!) 500 euros per month now 300 euros per month!
  • In post banners, advertise on the top hot content (only 1 available per post!) 500 euros per month now 300 euros per month!
  • Newsletter banners (Almost 2,500 subscribers to our newsletters) 500 euros per newsletter banner now 250 euros per banner
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