My AdWords wish list for 2014

My AdWords wish list for 2014

4th February 2014

I put together the top 5 features I’d want to be able to use either in AdWords or the AdWords editor. These features, in my opinion, could save time on tasks like implementation or give extra value with additional data that would help us account managers become better. Here’s my list (hope you’re reading Google);

1. More control over search partners

I hate wasting money on bad clicks and bad leads as much as the next person. The way you allocate your budget can be a make or break for your campaigns success. Be it AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads or Twitter ads: the more control we have over our spend the likelier we are to kick ass. Having said that; I really want to be able to see results by each individual search partner and on top of that be able to control on what search partners my ads are displayed on and vice versa as opposed to the current “take it or leave it” option. Here’s how I’ve pictured it

  • A Search partners button could be included under the Settings buttons


  • When you click on the search partners button you would see something similar to the Locations report; same data and (of course) the ability to make bid adjustments for each partner from -100% to +300%.


2. Search impressions share by location

We strive to make precise, data driven decisions. When I make bid adjustments in campaigns that include more than one location (be it zip codes, cities or countries) and I notice that my search impression share has gone down I want to know if the decrease is central to one location or more, that way I can make better decisions and more accurate tweaks in the next steps. We are able to view overall statistics but sometimes that’s not enough and I believe this additional data could make things easier. Here’s a mockup of how I’ve imagined it.


3. Give us back control over Tablets!

Even though it’s been some time since Google fully released the enhanced update and we’ve all been coping, I’m still frustrated. I just don’t understand why we can’t have full control when it comes to device preferences, as an account manager I want to be able to influence every detail; no matter how miniscule it might seem (not that this is miniscule). Remember this?

Tablet control in AdWords

The most common argument I’ve heard regarding these changes is that user behaviour on desktops/laptops & tablets are the same and while that’s all good and well I still want the option of making bid adjustments for tablets, after all; it’s my clients budget. Below is a screenshot that illustrates results from one of my clients, notice that tablet CPA is 27% higher than the results from Desktop/Laptop devices. Tablet users were less likely to convert and, unfortunately, this is not a rare sight. Instead of making bid adjustments specifically for tablets, I have to bid everything down and risk the current Desktop/Laptop performance.


4. More extensions in AdWords editor

The majority of the changes I make to my campaigns happen in the AdWords editor. The editor is, in my opinion, incomplete because there are still so many important features missing. Features like call, review and social extensions. I feel these additions would be a step forward in creating a more centralized management solution and help make our lives easier. Mockup below:


5. Labels in the AdWords editor

In addition to the aforementioned extra extensions I’d very much like to be able to manage labels in the editor as well. I’m addicted to labels; they make my day-to-day account management a lot smoother and more comfortable and I know that this addition would be a big time saver.


That’s my list, at least the top 5 things I’ve been thinking the most about for the past weeks. I’m sure you have more to add to this, if you do please comment below!


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Haukur Jarl Kristjánsson, a.k.a “the Hawk” (@haukurjarl), is a well-rounded PPC strategist, SEM consultant and trainer based in Reykjavik, Iceland.
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