Almost there: the official Twitter Analytics tool (plus some cash for Twitter)

Almost there: the official Twitter Analytics tool (plus some cash for Twitter)

18th November 2010

According to Mashable Twitter has released its new Analytics Tool to a select group of users to start testing out the product. This means the launch is not far away.

The new tool is probably a welcome add on to the existing tools out there. It is mainly focussed on the stuff people can see about their own account: which tweets are successful, how many retweets did you get, what caused people to follow and unfollow etcetera.

The tool will be a competitor to other similar tools with which you can already do stuff like this. It looks however that Twitter is going to give this one out for free. At least in the beginning. That will most probably make it a very much used tool.

Without a doubt in the future there will be charging from Twitter, even if its just parts of the tool (think a pro-version). But at this moment in time Twitter doesn’t really need to make money on this right away.

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams at the Web 2.0 Summit this week said ‘We have a lot of money in the bank’. And with a new round of funding coming up the company is valued at about $3 Billion. The new round of funding will come on top of 160 million in founding they have raised so far.

So Twitter doesn’t need any charging on their analytics tool at this time…

Below some images of the new Twitter tool which were send to Mashable by @mongoosemetrics.

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