Amit Singhal: “The idea is to make search more intuitive”

Amit Singhal: “The idea is to make search more intuitive”

8th March 2012

One of the ‘big names’ at Google at the moment is Amit Singhal. Singhal, who will be keynote at SMX London in a few months, is SVP of Search and has a big influence on where Google is heading.

Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang spoke with Amit Singhal about the future of search. An interesting talk which you can see below. He talked about mobile, how search should evolve and he also addressed some of the criticism which has been out lately concerning privacy issues and new products like SPYW.

A few interesting quotes from the interview:

“The idea is to make search more intuitive and more in line with human knowledge.”

“What Google is evolving towards is giving you an answer by building that answer having real knowledge about the world and bringing it to the users.”

“With Search Plus Your World, we are bringing your world into search from one simple intuitive interface”

“We provide a great service to our users and our users keep coming back to Google because we provide them with this great service.”

“Our focus has been on the users.”

“Mobile is spreading like wildfire.”

Look at the entire interview here:

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