An Integrated Approach to Content, Search and Social Media Optimisation

This Tuesday Lee Odden will join Bas and Roy in the weekly radioshow. Lee was speaking at IonSearch last week and will be speaking at the Fusion Marketing Experience conference in Antwerp. Lee also just published his new book “Optimize“. In this guest post J-P De Clerck takes a look at Lee’s vision integration of content, search and social media.

The integration of various online channels with the consumer and his preferences at the centre, is more than ever a trend this year. It’s also a necessary evolution and often linked to a content marketing strategy. This integration has come about as marketeers are aware of needing to work in a more customer-focused manner and of needing to approach the consumer in which we might call a “holistic” way. This is exactly the focus of the brand new book “Optimize” by Lee Odden.

Lee Odden is the founder of TopRank Marketing and the blog of the same name, which is one of the most visited digital marketing blogs in the world. His company supplies optimisation services to companies such as PRWeb, Marketo, StrongMail and various B2C businesses.

Odden, who is one of many leading speakers at the Fusion Marketing Experience, taking place on May 3 & 4 in Antwerp, explained what he means by holistic optimisation in an interview. “All channels work together and strengthen each other. The customer experience is key and content optimisation across channels essential.” “Customer-centricity,” Odden goes on to say, “is the thread running through a holistic approach.”

Thinking from customer perspective

In the book he focuses on the integration of search, social and content in order to be more easily found and in order to better meet the needs and preferences of the customer. In this, he considers it essential that marketeers specialising in one of these disciplines acquire a “skill set” that teaches them to work outside of their specific domain and therefore learn to work in a more integrated and customer-centric way.

Odden also feels that people working with content marketing often focus too much on the production of it and should pay more attention to the needs of the customers. Segmentation and personalisation are at the heart of this.

At the congress, Lee Odden will use his first keynote speech to demonstrate a framework that helps companies in developing a holistic vision of content marketing, social media optimisation and search engine optimisation. In his second keynote, he will explain, providing handy tips and tricks, how this can be implemented and optimised in practice.

J-P De Clerck is a customer-centric marketing trainer, speaker and author. You can follow him on Twitter via @conversionation. Connect on Google+ via +J-P De Clerck.

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