An Interview With Julie Joyce – speaker at SMX East

An Interview With Julie Joyce – speaker at SMX East

25th August 2011

In a few weeks time SMX East starts in New York. The organization has again been able to make an impressive agenda with high level speakers from around the globe. State of Search is media partner and will be bringing you updates from New York and also heading up to the event we will bring you great information (and a discount).

We already talked to Danny Sullivan about the show and his views on the world of search. In the next weeks we will be publishing a few more interviews with speakers at the conference. Today we are proud to open this series with one of the nicest and most fun people in search: Julie Joyce, who you might know from SEO Chicks.

Julie Joyce owns the link development firm Link Fish Media and is one of the founding members of the SEO Chicks blog, and is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land’s Link Week column.

Could you tell our readers what your talk will be about?

“Well, I’m doing the link clinic with Rae Hoffman-Dolan, so what we talk about will be determined by the audience and what we’re asked. The clinics are one of the best ways to let the audience dictate the agenda, which is why I’m so excited to be doing one. We’ll be talking about links, of course, and giving out ideas about how to conduct link campaigns for anyone brave enough to speak up and have us check out what they’re doing.”

What makes SMX a conference you want to speak at?

“I write for Search Engine Land and am a Sphinn moderator, so it’s a natural fit. SMX conferences have historically been the ones that I’ve gone to for various reasons, so I’m already comfortable with SMX. It’s also in New York and I plan to enjoy the lovely and cheap clothes at Uniqlo. Oh, and eat at Prime Burger, and take some Brits to eat bison.”

Do you feel the industry is changing now Google is entering the world of social with Google+?

“A bit, yes…but social has been on our minds for a couple of years now so I’m not sure of the extent to which it’s changing just because of Google. I personally am not yet a fan of Google+, but I also wasn’t an early fan of Twitter or Facebook. To be honest, I think that, unfortunately, most SEOs do work with the goal of doing well in Google anyway, but before Google+ we had the luxury of working with a social medium that Google was not a big part of. That was fun while it lasted.”

What are your thoughts on Google’s social efforts?

“I realize that they are massively important, both to the industry and outside of it. Google matters, period, whether you love or hate them. I think they have done a tremendous job with Google+ in terms of its layout, the circles, etc. but just as with everything else, it’s already become spammed up. I’d say that at least 30% of the recent people who’ve added me to their circles are spammers. Luckily I don’t have to add them, and I can basically ignore them, but it does depress me a bit to see. I like to be a bit negative about things, but when they do happen it irritates me haha!”

What do you think is the search marketers future? Is there a job for him or her in 4 years time?

“I think there will be jobs for search marketers for years and years. It’s an industry that never stays still, which is why it’s never ever boring. I think that for a search marketer to last, he or she will have to be flexible and willing to stay on top of absolutely everything, then adapt to working with changes. If you’re going to say that buying paid links is the only way to make it, you won’t last. If you think that you can take a few months off and keep working as usual without keeping up with new things, I doubt you’ll make it for much longer. We keep seeing these new people pop up saying they’re experts at this or that, promising the moon while undercharging, and sadly, I think the constant change in the industry does make it easy for those people to get business. However, I don’t think any of them will last unless they have the chops to prove themselves. I don’t expect to see any of them lasting for 4 years, but yes, I do expect to still see truly good search marketers having very profitable jobs in the future.”


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