An Overview of Four SERPS Experiments by Google

An Overview of Four SERPS Experiments by Google

19th August 2011

Every day a lot of people spot different experiments within Google. Google after is always trying to improve user experience. For his website Michiel Wester collected some examples of the latest experiences spotted in the wild. He was kind enough to also share them with us here.

Not underlined results

You take them for granted probably, but this experiment shows that when you take the underlines under a Google result away it feels ’empty’.

Extensive sitelinks

Google seems to be testing more extensive kind of sitelinks. These are links below a result which direct you to pages within the website of the main result. The experiment now shows 12 links, where an earlier experiment which already had popped up before only had 4.


Another small experiment is the changing of the position of the url to the beginning of the description instead of at the end of the result. IN this case only the domain in shown, not the actual page. The result still is in green though.

Google accounts

Finally Google accounts. We have talked about profiles a lot laterly, this experiment shows a link to “Google account” on the homepage. This is a promotion of the Google accounts. If you are not logged in you might see the Google Accouts logo with a “sign in” and “What is this?” button next to it. The link goes to a special page with more information about Google Accounts.


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