Tools Week Presentation Demo: Analytics SEO

Tools Week Presentation Demo: Analytics SEO

6th March 2013

During the State of Search Tools Week we are doing several demo’s from tools, in this one the presentation demo stage was for Analytics SEO. Laurence O’Tool presented an overview of the best that AnalyticsSEO  has to offer.

After the presentation there was time for Q&A, which you can also listen to in the video below.

After the video there is information about what was said in the Q&A so you can skip directly to the part you find interesting. Below more information on Analytics SEO.


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Q&A Analytics SEO

From minute 28 on there is a Q&A with Laurence O’Toole from AnalyticsSEO. The highlights of that Q&A you can read here:

Number of Keywords

(From 28:40)

A question of how many keywords can be used. Laurence explains that this is depending on the package, from free to more. The bigger the contract (from 99 pounds) you can go from 500 per month to no limit.

Average type user

(From 30:00)

Most of Linkresearchtools customers have multiple websites. Many agencies for example who customise reporting for their clients, but also in-house SEO’s and heads of SEO’s. There are also many small businesses who have the free accounts or the cheaper accounts, so quite broad.


(From 31:45)

The question about site audits and crawling was how often that is possible. They technically crawl each day, but pull in data once a week, also the back link data and rank checks. However when you want to do it NOW, you can get in touch with the Analytics SEO support and get instant help.

Set up of the team

(From 33:15)

They have a team in the UK and the US. They also launched in France last year. The engineering team like nothing better than looking at issues in any language.


(From 34:20)

Analytics SEO uses Majestic SEO and has its own crawler. They think Majestic is more effective than doing it all themselves. The own crawler therefor is used for site crawling, not as much link crawling.

Competition: in which range of tools can Analytics SEO be placed

(From 35:50)

Analytics SEO compared themselves against other platforms on their websites. They’ve compared SEOMoz, Raventools, and also the enterprise level tools. They tend to be slightly at the upper end when it comes to sophisticated comparison.


(From 38:00)

It’s a tool which is enterprise level when it comes to features, but not in pricing. It goes from free to cheap to monthly fees.

Competitor Analysis

(From 38:35)

What does the tool offer when it comes to competitor analysis? There are several things, like Competitive site audit, competitive keyword rankings, competitive link quality. It all has several options.

Future of links and rankings


(From 40:06)

Are links and rankings going to be important in the future? O’Toole says ranking is important because it helps customers understand where they stand. Also the agencies want to show that way how they are doing, but the essence is that clients still want it, even though there are limitations.


(From 42:24)

When it comes to links: they still count and maybe always will. Quality and relevant links is a good strategy without even getting rankings from it. Clients still want to do traditional PR and the social metrics help with that.


(From 44:30)

What are the USPs of AnalyticsSEO?

1. Manage multiple sites effectively
2. Task management
3. A good service

About Analytics SEO

analytics-seo-logoMore information about Analytics SEO you can find on their website:

Get in touch

You can get in touch via their website or via e-mail: [email protected]

Book a demo

You can book a personal demo here.

Main features

Analytics SEO has an overview of features on their website. Their main target areas are:

Monitor your keyword rankings
Backlink analysis and link building
Customised reports
Project management
Lead generation
Daily technical audit
Competitive analysis
Big SEO Data


The pricing model of Analytics SEO is as follows:



Some clients of Analytics SEO are:
Ambergreen, Betfair, Hyundai, PCWorld, Credit Agricole, Oxfam and more

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