Andy Atkins Kruger: “everything that’s written about Yandex from an SEO perspective is wrong”

Andy Atkins Kruger knows all about international search. And so he knows all about Yandex. The Russian Search Engine is growing rapidly and is doing some pretty interesting things there. At SMX Advanced Rand Fishkin made a special ‘Whiteboard Friday’ with Andy talking about Yandex. And Andy decided to give us some very valuable insights into Yandex.


A few highlights from the video:

– Yandex is the same age as Google.
– It is about the structure of the language
– Yandex launched some new technologies that have actually been very successful for them, using particularly machine learning.
– Virtually everything that’s written about Yandex from an SEO perspective is wrong. It’s out of date.
– Yandex’ algorithm is created basically by what human assessors think of web pages
– As an SEO, you’re in a fairly difficult position because it’s going to move around all the time.
– “Google’s likely to follow suit.”

Note: the point Andy was making about “everything being wrong” is that because the algorithm shifts, as soon as you’ve written down what it does, its’ moved and you’re out of date

Bas van den Beld

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