Another ten of Google’s Search Quality Changes

Another ten of Google’s Search Quality Changes

2nd December 2011

Google has decided it wants to share more often the changes it makes to improve the search quality of their SERPS, which means algorithms and SERPS. Last month we already mentioned several changes. Google now feels we should be updated each month. That’s why they will be giving a monthly update on their blog.

This month they again made clear they have improved their search. Another ten changes, some more important than others. The most important ones? More autocomplete predictions, fresher and more complete blog search results and original content.

Here are the changes Google has announced:

* Related query results refinements: This change makes it less likely that similar results rank highly if the original query had a rare word that was dropped in the alternate query. For example, if you are searching for [rare red widgets], you might not be as interested in a page that only mentions “red widgets.”
* More comprehensive indexing: This change makes more long-tail documents available in the index, so they are more likely to rank for relevant queries.
* New “parked domain” classifier: This is a new algorithm for automatically detecting parked domains.
* More autocomplete predictions: This change makes Googles prediction algorithm a little more flexible for certain queries, without losing your original intention.
* Fresher and more complete blog search results: more fresher and more comprehensive.
* Original content: new signals to help make better predictions about which of two similar web pages is the original one.
* Live results for Major League Soccer and the Canadian Football League
* Image result freshness: find the freshest images more often.
* Layout on tablets: some minor color and layout changes to improve usability on tablet devices.
* Top result selection code rewrite: This code handles extra processing on the top set of results. For example, it ensures that we don’t show too many results from one site (“host crowding”).

As said, some of them are useful, others pretty useless (Live results for Major League Soccer and the Canadian Football League are not for everybody).


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