Anywhere I Chrome: Handy Browser Extensions for SEO

We all love a good tool now don’t we? Anything to make life easier and our work rate more efficient. When it comes to tools for SEO and related online disciplines it can be extra useful to have these tools to hand as browser extensions.

So if you’re still fannying around in Firefox or Opera (dems jokes – cc Hannah Smith) then here’s a list of useful Chrome extensions that we like to use at theMediaFlow.

SEO Site Tools

All you have ever needed in a comprehensive site tool plus a few other things you don’t really need nowadays, but let’s not split hairs. Also includes social shares and suchlike which can be quite handy for AW12.

Go Tooling 


Google Global

Handy little tool to search Google as if by magic from different countries, which is perfect if you just need a couple of local queries hand-checked and save you looking like a billy-no proxies.

Go Tooling



Okay, so it’s not *really* SEO but this awesome little extension-job tells you the cookies that drop as you visit a page; which is invaluable if you find you’re advising clients on the EU Cookie Directive in a kind of “which does not constitute legal advice” way.

Also I have a BIG THING for adding “ery” to the end of mono-syllabic nouns as it makes everything better. Try it: “chipsery,” “ginery,” “sexery,” “ryan goslingery”.

Go Tooling


Ayima Redirect Path

I like Ayima. I think they need their own theme tune, but let’s not let that detract from this nice and simple header-check. It tells you when a page you are on redirects you (which you might not notice) and gives a header indicator.

Go Tooling

PageRank Display

Yeah PageRank, whatevs… but we still like to know. Admit it. So do you.

Go Tooling



Highlights where the link attribute rel=nofollow is used.

Go Tooling



Actually an app rather than extension but once synced, has a wealth of information about your Twitter account. It facilitates far more analysis than Twitter on the web or other desktop clients I have come across.

Go Tooling


Firebug Lite

Some useful little features like inspect HTML elements on mouseover.

Go Tooling


Web Developer

Adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox.
Go Tooling


Number Search Engine Results

Supposed to do what it says on the tin, but doesn’t always work of late. Give it a go and you can always uninstall if it won’t perform.

Go Tooling


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Nichola Stott is owner and co-founder of theMediaFlow; online revenue optimisation and audience services (including SEO, SEM and SMM). Prior to founding theMediaFlow, Nichola spent four years at Yahoo! as head of UK commercial search partners.

4 thoughts on “Anywhere I Chrome: Handy Browser Extensions for SEO

  1. If I can add one that I use so often and is so amazingly useful that I feel I should name my first-born after its developers: Screen Capture.

    At the simplest level it just allows you to do screengrabs. The beauty of it is that its keyboard shortcuts work when you have Chrome open, but you’re looking at a different programme altogether. That means you can screengrab literally anything on your screen, at any time.

    It’s awesomeness incarnate.

    1. Let me jump in here and add my input to it. Get Pixlr Grabber. You can get the WHOLE site you’re on, just your screen, or just a specific selection.

      It will auto-upload the image to the web for you (no account needed) for easy sharing. You can also directly import it into Pixlr Editor, a web-based photo editor very similar to PhotoShop

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