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Agnete Tøien Pedersen was Head of SEO in iProspect Norway and has years of experience within SEM, SEO, web publishing and journalism. She is also chairman of the Board of Ethical SEM in Norway, BraSøk. On a daily basis she is working with customers of all sizes, in Norway, the Nordics and internationally.

On State of Digital she wrote on SEM and SEO from a Nordic perspective.

Privately Agnete is happily married and living outside of Oslo. She loves glossy magazines (preferably the gossip-kind), baking, zumba dancing, red wine, chocolate and great movies, and is a brand new mom of baby girl Aurora.

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Outing Black Hat SEO; Should we, or should we not? Search Engine Optimisation
14 min

Outing Black Hat SEO; Should we, or should we not?

21st January 2014
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Agnete Tøien Pedersen
Should we, or should we not reveal agencies or companies that do black hat SEO? Who are we helping by...
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