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Alex is the Head of Earned Media at Hallam with specialist expertise in digital PR. With over 50 experts, Hallam’s core services include SEO, PPC, Digital PR and Web Development.

He graduated in Public Relations and Communications, and prior to joining digital marketing agency Hallam in 2015, he worked for a PR consultancy, providing traditional PR campaigns for a range of local, national and international clients.

With extensive offline and online experience, Alex currently helps clients increase their online visibility through digital PR, at the same time as building on their search engine marketing efforts. He also manages a team of specialists in social media, Digital PR, content marketing, and more.

Alex enjoys taking workshops to helps businesses improve their digital PR, and regularly gets published in the industry press.

When Alex isn’t talking about links, he’s probably talking about Everton Football Club.

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Tips For Rolling Out a New Service Offering Business
6 min

Tips For Rolling Out a New Service Offering

19th March 2019
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Alex Jones
In this article, we offer tips on rolling out a new service. The way we see it, if you don’t...
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