Title: SEO and social media specialist
Company: Claire Carlile Marketing
Also blogs for: Claire Carlile Marketing


Claire Carlile is a Chartered Marketer with an MSc in Marketing, living and working in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

After over 10 years of generalist marketing in the small business tourism sector and a brief foray into the world of marketing academia Claire stumbled into SEO and social media 3 years ago and became an instant aficianado. As a self confessed ‘non technical’ SEO, Claire takes a holistic and marketing led approach to SEO, working closely with clients to ensure that the SEO process isn’t divorced from a thorough understanding of the marketplace, product & service USP’s, customer insight, and a keen awareness of the competitive landscape.

Claire currently works closely with small to medium sized businesses in Wales, offering training and consultancy, as well as working as a natural search marketer and content strategist atYucca, in Bristol.

Claire thought her career highlight had come when Julie Joyce interviewed her for ‘women of internet marketing‘ where she got to include a photo of Sam Murray wearing a monkey on his head, but is now very chuffed to be asked to blog for State of Search, where she hopes that there will be more opportunities for inappropriate photo posting. When she’s not got her head in a book or her nose in a blog you’ll find her out on her road bike, rowing a big wooden boat on the sea, or eating a big cake.”