Title: Marketing Graduate


Clarissa is a bilingual Strategic Marketing MA graduate with rounded experience in a number of key marketing disciplines including social media, project management, research and business development.

Clarissa fell into the SEO industry by complete chance. After learning a great deal from a number of internships and previous roles, she recently began working at Linkdex as a Marketing executive. There she’s helping with Linkdex’s social media efforts as well as being in charge of planning expos.
Clarissa has only recently tipped her toe in the SEO waters and is delighted to now being part of the State of Search team! Young, bubbly and a relative newbie to SEO she has a totally fresh outlook on the industry.

If she is not behind her computer she enjoys spending time travelling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Apart from that she is a regular at London’s theatre circuit as well as its art galleries. She is curious about life, passionate about learning new things, and always open for the next adventure.


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