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Fatima is an online marketer and social strategist at GunFactor 3.0. After years of sales, marketing and corporate office positions, Fatima started out in 1998 as an independent webdesigner. Pretty soon she discovered the immense power of online (and offline) networking and thus combined the love for designing with a passion for the new way of building business relationships, using the power of online networks.

GunFactor 3.0 is training and helping companies in understanding online networking in order to develop social businesses by building and executing their digital social strategy for customers, prospects and employees. Always keeping a close eye on technology trends like singularity, quantify yourself and ofcourse big data.

Fatima blogs at State of Digital and Marketingfacts and previously for TEDxAms Ideas Worth Doing.


When Fatima is not online, she most probably will be busy with reading, running and ofcourse her 2 fabulous daughters.

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Social Media Strategies Summit #SMSSummit – Learnt Lessons Day 2 Events
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Social Media Strategies Summit #SMSSummit – Learnt Lessons Day 2

27th June 2014
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Fatima de Vos
An overview of the talks presented at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Amsterdam, June 2014.
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