Title: Director of PPC
 Nordic eMarketing


Haukur Jarl Kristjánsson, a.k.a “the Hawk” (@haukurjarl), is a well-rounded PPC strategist, SEM consultant and trainer.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, Haukur has been instrumental in evolving the pay-per-click department within Nordic eMarketing and has worked for a wide range of companies in various sectors, from local car rental companies to national brands and fortune 500 companies, and manages a multilingual team of SEM experts day-by-day.

After having started working in the field of online marketing in 2008, Haukur has been an active member of the online marketing community and a part of the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference board alongside his mentor Kristjan Mar Hauksson. He also trains marketing professionals to become better in optimizing their pay-per-click results.