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Helen Brooks is Production Manager at Further Digital Marketing in Norwich, UK. She works with a range of local, national and international brands, developing and implementing content marketing strategies to help them achieve their business objectives. She also leads content budgeting, content management and multilingual projects.

Helen started her career in the NHS, planning and implementing internal and external communications campaigns for two mental health trusts. She then went on to join the editorial team for a global pregnancy and parenting brand where she achieved a quality standard accreditation for the website as well as managing and commissioning content.

Known by her colleagues for her planning and organisation skills, Helen has an enviable ability to multitask. Her biggest achievement is completing a masters-level PR diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations half while pregnant and half with a newborn strapped to her chest.

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Strategic social media in three straightforward steps Content Marketing
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Strategic social media in three straightforward steps

21st August 2019
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Helen Brooks
If your brand doesn’t have a social media strategy then be prepared to fall behind. A strategic social media plan...
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