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Jo Juliana Turnbull is a skilled professional in SEO and online marketing with 10 years of experience in digital (both client and agency side). She set up her website SEO Jo Blogs in 2009 after she started in career in SEO. She is also a travel blogger and shares her budget travel tips on

SEO Jo is the organiser of a networking group called Search London for online professionals in SEO, PPC and Social Media. She has been running the event for over 8 years where it has grown to over 2100 members.

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How to Prepare For Lifting Lockdowns Wherever You Are Business
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How to Prepare For Lifting Lockdowns Wherever You Are

22nd April 2020
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Jo Juliana Turnbull
It has “only” been 3 weeks since the UK was on lockdown, but it has been longer for other countries...
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