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Jon is an SEO Consultant at SEOgadget, a digital marketing agency specialising in conversion rate optimisation, large scale SEO, keyword research, technical strategy and link building in high competition industries. Starting out in SEO by ‘tweaking’ personal projects, he soon went on to work with a range of freelance clients prior to joining SEOgadget.

Outside of work Jon loves country rides on his motorbike and listening to as much music as his already deafened ears can handle. If you get a chance, go and say hi on twitter (@jonquinton1)

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Getting Your First SEO Job – How to Stand Out Search Engine Optimisation
5 min

Getting Your First SEO Job – How to Stand Out

29th August 2012
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Jon Quinton
It seems that the SEO industry is struggling to hire quick enough. Finding the right people is tough, so is...
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