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European Search Personality of the year 2014, Kristján Már Hauksson, is the Co-Founder and COO of SMFB Engine, based in Oslo, Norway. This newfound digital activation/marketing agency works closely with the award winning creative agency, SMFB, in making sure that each idea has the digital presence to make it fly.

Kristján is the Founder and the former Director of Search & Online Communications at the award winning internet marketing agency Nordic eMarketing. Nordic eMarketing has 10 years’ experience working in a multilingual environment, and has over the years worked for great clients in over 20 markets. These include Fujitsu, Hitatchi, Vodafone, Lenvon, VMWare, Intel, Symantec,, Momondo, Expedia, Zalando, & more.

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Commentary: Why Facebook Can’t Kill Organic Reach Commentary
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Commentary: Why Facebook Can’t Kill Organic Reach

17th June 2015
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Kristjan Mar Hauksson
Facebook organic reach is decreasing, but is it dying? No says Kristjan Hauksson. He explains in this weeks commentary.
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