Job Title: Head of all Services
Company: Vertical Leap
Also Blogs For: Vertical Leap Blog


Lee Wilson is the Head of Services & SEO for Vertical Leap, a UK Search Marketing and Digital Agency that offers the most effective and thorough search marketing service in the UK, helping companies maximise their online visibility. Based in Portsmouth and London, Vertical Leap combines specialist expertise with a bespoke prescriptive marketing platform that understands what’s happening with your website, why – and what to do about it.

Lee is a regular industry writer on topics including; search marketing, digital trends and broader marketing and business subjects. In 2016y Lee published his first solely authored industry book ‘Tactical SEO – The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing’, with his latest title ‘Data-Driven Marketing Content’ released 2019, and can be seen commenting on the latest digital updates online.

Lee has been leading services and heading up digital departments since the early 2000’s with experience working in house and at agency level, covering many hundreds of client projects.

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