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Marco Megali is Head of SEO & SEA at AvantGrade, a digital marketing agency based in Switzerland focused on SEO, Paid Search and Analytics consultancy.
He started working in digital marketing in 2008, and in 2013 joined, as Senior SEO consultant, the European office of Bruce Clay Inc. (Bruce Clay Europe), where he lately became Head of SEO services.

Specialised in Search Marketing, he has experience in working on enterprise level websites within competitive verticals, like online insurance, consumer electronics, sport news and financial services. He’s also an experienced trainer and he runs a personal blog on digital marketing in Italian language.

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Can your Content become a Vocal Answer? Search Engine Optimisation
5 min

Can your Content become a Vocal Answer?

16th May 2019
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Marco Megali
Voice search is still in a very early stage and when SEOs talk about it they mostly refer to becoming...
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