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With 14 years industry experience pushing SEO best practices, Nick is passionate about campaign integration across media channels and improving blended ROI for clients. He handles successful enterprise-level campaigns for the leading UK telecom, finance, travel and FMCG/retail brands.

As Head of Content for iProspect UK, Nick is responsible for delivering data-driven campaigns which focus on measurable results, and he sees content as being key to the future of SEO success.

Nick worked in Moscow for 7 years, becoming an expert on the Russian search industry, contributing to publications such as Reuters and the Moscow Times. He lives in Richmond with his wife and two children.

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The Discovery Process Behind Mature Content Marketing Strategies Content Marketing
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The Discovery Process Behind Mature Content Marketing Strategies

1st November 2013
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Nick Wilsdon
The current focus on content means that content marketers can no longer afford to work in silo. Their success increasingly...
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