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Russell O’Sullivan is an all-round Senior Digital Marketing and Acquisition Manager. With over 15 years of experience in the digital environment, he has worked across varied disciplines such Content Strategy, PPC, SEO, Ecommerce, Social Media, Web design and UX.

Just at the point when the term content strategy was formed back in 2008, Russell became the content strategist and manager at, one of the UKs biggest comparison companies. Within a highly competitive landscape, he was pivotal in making sure that Confused were leading ranking and SERP race across their product range.

He is an avid attendee across the yearly search and marketing conferences, enjoying the buzz at SES, the fast pace of BrightonSEO and jumping pod to pod at places like MarketingWeek Live. He has presented at SES London, SMX London, RIMC Iceland and is a keen to do more public speaking at events.

Hobbies and interests include road biking (his wife doesn’t allow mountain biking anymore due to broken bones and A&E trips), following Le Tour de France, finding new local ales to taste and also cooking (because he loves eating).

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What is Programmatic Marketing, Buying and Advertising? Advertising
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What is Programmatic Marketing, Buying and Advertising?

26th October 2015
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Russell O’Sullivan
What is Programmatic Marketing, Buying and Advertising - a high level view of what it is and hows it changed...
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