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Sean Potter is Head of Content at Evoluted, a digital agency based in Sheffield. He’s worked in digital marketing since 2014, prior to which he spent time as a journalist with BBC Radio Newcastle.

Having amassed several years’ experience working across all areas of digital marketing, Sean has spent recent years specialising in SEO. He’s passionate about original ideas, great content and the value of building strong relationships. Sean regularly blogs on marketing websites and is particularly interested in how SEO can lean on long-standing principles from PR and journalism to drive backlinks, traffic and more leads.

Away from work, Sean enjoys great food, real ale (see Sheffield), music (see Sheffield), sports and time with his nearest and dearest..

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5 Different Types of Contribution to Get You Links Search Engine Optimisation
8 min

5 Different Types of Contribution to Get You Links

1st October 2019
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Sean Potter
Original content contribution should form part of any link acquisition strategy. The key is to only go after the opportunities...
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