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Shelli Walsh is a creative consultant for digital marketing under the brand name ShellShock. Shelli has 18 years professional creative, marketing and business experience and uses this expertise to help brands spread their message online through creative content strategies.

Shelli values life experience before education (although she holds a degree) and has experienced many random jobs since she began working nearly 30 years ago: Waitress, bar tender, chamber maid, L’Oréal hair model, kitchen skivvy, plastic moulding factory worker, shop assistant, bottle/glass washer, apple picker (in Israel), textile designer, craft hand finisher, magazine editor, graphic designer, illustrator, greeting card designer, website designer, typesetter, bookmaker (betting shop), pizza delivery driver, link builder, online marketer, content marketer, business developer, writer…

Her business ventures to date also include: hand printed textiles, greetings card publisher distributing worldwide, three ecommerce stores, magazine publishing for the property industry, illustration license, print and web design consultancy and digital marketing.

Shelli is driven by the distribution of information and the empowerment that knowledge brings; considering the invention of the printing press and the internet as the two most important events in the evolution of mankind. She was attracted to work within digital marketing as she wanted to understand how you could broadcast a message and be found online.

When she does manage to step away from the computer Shelli is most likely to be found at the gym swimming, at home reading, along the canal on her bike, in a museum or gallery or in the hills walking.

Shelli also runs Creativity101 a subscription newsletter and information resource directed at digital people to teach them how to be more creative and improve their thinking skills. She wrote the free ebook ‘What is Creativity?‘.

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What is Creativity and Why does it Matter? Marketing
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What is Creativity and Why does it Matter?

28th April 2014
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Shelli Walsh
Why does creativity matter to digital marketing? Shelli Walsh looks into this in her new e-book. Here is part of...
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