Automica and Manual Link Building Merge, Cutts Sends Flowers

Automica and Manual Link Building Merge, Cutts Sends Flowers

28th February 2013

Last week at SES London 2013 Paul Madden officially announced an interesting merger in the industry. His company, “data-based SEO service provider” Automica, has merged with link building and outsourcing provider Manual Link Building of Gareth Hoyle. Paul Madden explained that his company takes an investment in Manual Link Building.

There will not be a new company, the brand Manual Link Building will continue to be used. Both Madden and Hoyle are well known faces in the UK search industry and a merger makes sense. We talked to Madden and Hoyle to hear more about their future plans.


What is the reason behind the merger?

Data is becoming more and more important in the decision making process – combined – we have a lot!! As more signals in the algo get hidden from us, the only way to see what is working is via the data – As 2 of the biggest data sources for links – potentially in the world – it just makes sense to join forces.

Some have said it is now the biggest link network in the world, is that true?

Network – what network :).

“Manual” and “Automatic” (Automica) are the opposite, what does that mean for the new business?

It means we can automate some of the processes that we do whilst maintaining the manual touch – Paul has a few proprietary tools to help with the discovery of sites, we have the labour force to contact and negotiate with said sites. It is a case of us working smarter rather than harder to keep the product we deliver at the forefront of link building and SEO

Combining both skill sets should make us stronger than the combination of the parts.

How did Matt Cutts respond?

Sent us some flowers 😉 (not sure who he ordered them from) and was the legal witness at contract signing!!

What will your main focus area be?

Delivering additional services to SEO agencies – both in terms of link placement but also profile management and risk analysis – we are also releasing a few exciting tools this year – details to follow – we hope to have a beta demo ready for BrightonSEO.

Is there still a future in links?

Hell yes – Search engines read signals – links will be around for the foreseeable future – And if links stop being relevant, we will sell the signals they are reading at the time – we respond to what the client base is looking for.


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