B2B Lead Generation Secrets – Conversion Conference London

B2B Lead Generation Secrets – Conversion Conference London

2nd November 2010

Sandra Niehaus from closed loop marketing started by saying you need to focus on credibility in the B2B space. Clarity and call to action are equally important.

First impressions matter, the choice is made in 1/20th of a second. 75 % of people make judgements on the brand based on the design quality. (Source BJ Fogg, Guidelines for Web Credibility).

Make sure that your traffic is landing on the correct page with the correct intent, this will help drive better traffic to the optimised landing page. Landing pages should be customised based on their PPC phrase. Start with a few landing pages then roll out to the rest of the site. Show the audience that you hear them and are responding relevantly.

Mini-site vs layered landing page : the layered landing page increased conversion rate by 20% from Google traffic.

Ensure that your calls to action are above the fold and that yu have many iterations of it.

Charles Nicholls from SeeWhy covered web form best practises.

Form economics is measuring the drop off rate for each form and reaping the resultant increase in conversions.

Form best practise:
1. Minimal number of fields
2. Easy data first, hard data later
3. Ideally above the fold
4. Clear submit button
5. Logical flow

The page:
1. Clear benefits statement
2. Credibility, text and video testimonial
3. Encourage communication – phone numbers, email addresses, click to chat

Large Forms:
1. Break into multiple steps
2. Progress indicators
3. Easy page first
4. Early email address capture
5. Persistent forms
6. ‘Email me this’ button

Form recovery:
1. Timing
2. Tone – use a service tone
3. # Email follow ups
4. Value proposition
5. Link back to part completed form – immensely valuable
6. Alternative Methods of contact
7. Compelling event
8. Incentive

7 ways of capturing email addresses:
1. Captured on the form
2. Request for information
3. Account creation
4. Newsletter sign up
5. From a Facebook account
6. When a customer returned to your site
7. From an email campaign

Signup incentive, “Signup today for your free shipping token”


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