Baidu – The biggest search engine in China – International Search Summit

The numbers:

Internet Usage:

Internet users in China exceeded 450 million this year. Usage of search engines is 76.3% amongst the internet population. Ecommerce is around 25%. The SEM spend is 49 million Yen which is far higher than all other forms of online marketing.

Search Market:
Baidu has got 68% where Google is less than 20%. Revenue growth has nearly doubled over the last year. Stock price is increasing exponentially.

Product Lines of Baidu:

1) Web page search : 40% of all search activity whereas the other 60% occurs in the other products below
2) Vertical search : Images, Maps , Video
3) Community search
4) Ecommerce

New concepts from Baidu:

Baidu wants to change the way websites interact with the engines from passive (read) to active (read and write). They would like more interaction from applications to help gather, crawl and rank content. They would like to address other computing needs from games to price comparison activities. They would like to intercept that real need and respond to it. The data and application providers will insert it into the Box computing platform and Baidu will deliver the relevant application to the user.

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