Balancing Search and Conversion – Conversion Conference London

Balancing Search and Conversion – Conversion Conference London

1st November 2010

Maura Ginty from AutoDesk

Content questions:
• Who’s the audience?
• What do they want to do?
• What’s your value proposition?
• What’s the market space?
• Where’s your brand?

Tie these SEO questions to your CRO tactics, profiling helps both disciplines. Use the wonder wheel to identify Google synonyms where possible. Cross reference usage in Google trends by geographic location to target the locale better.

Content optimisation is key by optimising content across their website in Germany they were able to increase rankings, reduce bounce rate and improve the bottom line.

Ensure your message is consistent in all platforms. Use testing and targeting in PPC to determine the correct downstream page and call to action. Use that data to influence other channels from SEO to display to offline.

You can also use search to identify CRO candidates. What are your internal search terms? These people did not give up. Are your business critical pages found in organic? Where is there high volume but low interaction?

Will Critchlow from Distilled

Page speed is becoming more and more important to both SEO and CRO. Use the asynchronous Google analytics code if you aren’t already. It allows you to measure bounce more accurately. Faster site means Google crawls more whereas toolbar determines how fast the site renders.
Track conversion to link, you can track that in the Google asynch tracking code. Also treat as social sharing as a conversion.

When making changes work with all parties on briefing to ensure that there is no overruling at a later stage.

A typical lifecycle is:
1) Requirements
2) Wireframes
3) Content
4) Sign off

Content shouldn’t be 3rd but in the real world it is. If you use dummy text at least have the word length.

Tips for designers:
• Define headings and body copy within the style guide
• Lowering file size to improve load speed
• No splash pages
• Include breadcrumbs
• Need text on category pages, include reviews

If you use a content network solution ensure that the CDN is not indexed. If you’re on a generic domain you may have to geo target the website using Google webmaster tools.
Use new CSS technologies to do all your infographics in html. HTML5 will allow javascript tracking in video and importing that into analytics. Use to check current browser support for new technologies.

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