BBC Documentary Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

This Sunday the BBC broadcasted a documentary about Facebook. In this one hour long documentary Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talked about his product and gave us some insights into his world. The documentary however by some was seen as more of an advertisement for Facebook than a real documentary. This was caused by the way BBC presenter Emily Maitlis was ‘all over Zuckerberg’.

You can be the judge yourself. Mark Zuckerberg himself posted the entire documentary online, on YouTube, so it is now available for everybody to watch, even if you are not in the UK. You can see it below. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion.

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4 thoughts on “BBC Documentary Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

  1. I watched it on the Tele on Sunday (it was my excuse to leave my in-laws early so I could be home on time to see it), and I quite enjoyed it. Nothing particularly revealing, but it does show once again that FB has ambitions beyond being a mere social media site. It aims to be an enabler, a platform for other business models to grow & expand upon. And that, imho, will be its lasting legacy.

  2. The best part was right at the end when the FB policy man was squirming trying to defend the policy of associating FB users with businesses in ‘Sponsored Ads’. “Lets take a pause” he says. In the lengthy uncomfortable silence you could tell he was thinking, that is a darn good question, why are we associating our users with products and businesses without their permission and without giving them the option to opt out? He couldn’t give a convincing defense.

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