A Beginners Guide to Adwords Scripts

A Beginners Guide to Adwords Scripts

13th January 2014

Until recently, using Adwords automation was not easy without investing in powerful and sometimes expensive software. Scripting is also something that is pretty intimidating (for me anyway!) which means that many PPC’ers may not have really looked at it yet.

Coding from scratch is not easy for a non coder, but using Adwords scripts does not have to be a headache thanks to some lovely people that have created a bunch of free resources to help – hopefully this will prevent you from running to the hills every time JavaScript is mentioned!

As you will see, it is ridiculously easy to get started – so don’t be afraid and jump right in!

Why are Scripts Great?

  • Time saved is the obvious first answer
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Interaction with external data sources eg spreadsheets
  • Scripts solve a range of problems from simple to hardcore
  • You don’t have to be a coder – BONUS

Creating Your First Script

Hidden away in the Bulk Operations section of your Adwords account – scripts are kept with the Automated rules and Bulk edits functions.


Next you will need to add a script (next section)  and authorise the script (below) – and that’s it!! Simple Hey? So all we need now is to know how to code the scripts or where to get them from.


Where can I find Adwords Scripts?

Google actually provide some handy scripts from their script library including:

  • Campaign costs and clicks from the last month
  • Pause low-converting campaigns
  • Change campaign budget
  • Set default bids of all ad groups in a campaign
  • Enable ad groups for a brand
  • Pause ad groups that degrade over time
  • Log 20 keywords that had the most impressions yesterday
  • Pause keywords with bad average position in a campaign
  • Increase bids of well-performing keywords by 5%
  • Create a new keyword
  • Export daily report into Google spreadsheet
  • Change destination URLs
  • Enable ads for a promotion
  • Create a new text ad
  • Export disapproved ads into Google spreadsheet

Other Resources:

Neato Huh?

So lets try one out.

Export daily report into Google spreadsheet

This is a useful script for everyone and not much could go wrong with regards to accidentally setting bids of switching things off, so it is a safe one to start with!

First grab to code from the script library and paste into the script window:


Save the script and authorise account access:


Then cut and paste the script into the script window.

The Script

function main() {
  // Let's consider the 20 keywords that got the most impressions yesterday.
  var keywordsIterator = AdWordsApp.keywords()
      .orderBy("Impressions DESC")
  var now = new Date();
  var reportName = "DailyReport-" + Utilities.formatDate(now, "PST", "yyyyMMdd");
  // Create a new spreadsheet (will have private access for you only).
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.create(reportName);
  // Get the default sheet.
  var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
  // Write header row.

  // Write body of report.
  for (var row = 2; keywordsIterator.hasNext(); row ++) {
    var keyword = keywordsIterator.next();
    var stats = keyword.getStatsFor("YESTERDAY");

    sheet.getRange("A" + row).setValue(keyword.getText());
    sheet.getRange("B" + row).setValue(keyword.getMaxCpc());
    sheet.getRange("C" + row).setValue(stats.getImpressions());
    sheet.getRange("D" + row).setValue(stats.getCost());

  Logger.log("Report ready! Visit the following URL to see it:");
  Logger.log("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=" + spreadsheet.getId());

Preventing Errors

Scripts are cool but they can also be your worst nightmare if you accidentally make them do something they shouldn’t! As such, I advise that you review your script before you set it live, or better still set up a dummy. There isn’t really a test environment per se, so set a test campaign or an old paused account that is no longer used is a perfect place to test things.


Once you are happy that the script is running as you wish – select run and the script will do it’s thing.

What Happens Now?

Once your chosen script has run, you will be directed back to the main scripts page where you will see your script. You can now see options to run a schedule and a link for access to the report that you have just run.


This script has not made any changes as we are just running a keyword report, so our exported file can be found using the Logs link.


Et Voila! The top 20 keywords by impression from yesterday.


There are plenty of useful scripts available online for FREE so have a go – you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. If you have the luxury of access to a JavaScript genius then it should not take long to create customised scripts that are specific to each individual account need.

If you want to get some hands on training including Adwords Scripts then I will be running an Advanced Adwords Workshop next week at Biddable World in London on the 20th January 2014. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in person if you see me wandering about or comment below!


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