Best Practices & Opportunities to Make the Most of Mobile SEO #ionsearch

Mobile is Booming and in this session, Aleyda takes us through the best Mobile SEO Opportunities and best practices for optimising your site.

Should you opt for responsive? Dynamic serving? Parallel design?

So much detail and a genuinely informative and helpful session – I hope I managed to do it Justice!

Aleyda Solis

About Jackie Hole

Jackie Hole is an Award Winning Search Marketing consultant specialising in Paid Search, Conversion Improvement and Organic Search / SEO for the USA, Canada and European markets. Starting out in Multimedia & Interface Design, Jackie has over 15 years experience in online marketing and was recently awarded European Search Personality of the Year. Jackie is Company Director of 22M

4 thoughts on “Best Practices & Opportunities to Make the Most of Mobile SEO #ionsearch

  1. That’s a thing I don’t like about people covering conferences. I don’t get you have to be the first to cover something, like creating some sort of status. It’s poorly written, and you can totally see there is no content curation in it. Why do a thing like this? I prefer to read something the next day, but written in a good way.
    Don’t be in a rush. there is no need…really.

    1. Hi Alessio – I actually agree with you – but there is also a requirement from folks for a live blogging session which is not my preferred choice in the dark, with sometimes no wifi and trying to take everything down as people speak as it is quite hard. I usually prefer to take my time and write up with thoughts after having got hold of the slides but that is not always possible.

      I have taken it on board and will take more care in future, unfortunately we had an outage yesterday so it was also not possible to go back and check once I had hit ‘live’ – these things happen as do typos and sometimes facts that are not quite right so I can only apologise for the occasions when that does happen – I am human after all so I do make mistakes when I write – if you check my other posts, you will see that they are thought through and written reasonably well – once you hit live – and sometimes I do that by mistake too – there is no going back.

      Apologies for having upset your day in future – please feel free to mail me directly as it’s always good to give people a chance to correct things 🙂 – thanks for your feedback

      1. Hey Jackie, thanks for the answer.
        Really, no big deal..was just a an opinion. The problem is I can totally see the difficulties of writing stuff at conferences live. My question is another: why the rush?
        that’s the thing I cannot understand properly. I mean, if you don’t have the perfect conditions, why click “publish” anyway?

        We are talking about content curation, we are making conferences out of this topic, and then a big blog like State Of Search is presenting this stuff?

        It’s a general thing I don’t understand, it’s not only about your post, it’s a thing I’m seeing in general.

        thanks for your answer, and have a great one.

  2. Website owners and marketers should really be aware of the growing significance of Mobile SEO. I think it’s great that you’re featuring practical ideas that will help those who are trying to understand the basics.

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