Best Read Articles of April 2014

Best Read Articles of April 2014

19th May 2014

Time flies by so quickly! Another month has gone and again it was a month of great content here on State of Digital. And yes, May is already halfway done, but still it is time to look back on April on State of Digital. April was full of articles which were read by more people than ever. Here are the 10 best read of this month (plus a few days in March), but by only showing 10, we actually show too little. So head over to the blog and start reading all of them!

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1. Why Google is broken and the Search Quality Team does nothing to fix it

Google is broken, at least it is in its regional versions.  In fact, not all the updates rolled out in and English were rolled out outside of it. The lack of an EMD update, for example, is obviously the cause of many very low quality SERPs.  But even Hummingbird is causing quality problems that Google probably had not foreseen.

Written by Gianluca Fiorelli

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thief2. How to Find Your Competitors Best Content (and Steal their Links)

URLProfiler is a new piece of software that’s guaranteed to save you a huge amount of time. Here’s just one example of how to use it…

Written by Matt Beswick

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Google Indexation Figures3. Best Practices: Make the Most of your Markup best practices from industry experts. Sites with markup rank, on average, four places higher than sites without markup..

Written by Sarah Kershaw

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UX infographic4. Top resources for learning UX Design

Embedding UX in to the foundation of technology is essential. Here are some great resources to get started with learning UX and appreciating its value.

Written by Barry Adams

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SEO Now 2014 Front Cover Square5. E-Book: SEO Now 2014 – Where are we now with SEO?

Together with Linkdex we published an eBook with conversations on the topic of SEO Now with 27 thought-leaders, from pioneers of digital marketing, to global brands and search industry experts.

Written by Bas van den Beld

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Tesla-image6. How challenger brand Tesla is Disrupting the Market

Tesla, the Californian electric car maker, is using its position as a challenger brand to disrupt the marketplace. But is its aggressive approach to PR having an impact both on and offline?

Written by James Crawford

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The Demise of Google+7. The Impending Demise of Google+?

With the news of Vic Gundotra’s departure from Google, the fate of his social network Google+ is unclear. Will it disappear or evolve in to something else?

Written by Barry Adams

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like-button8. Tips for Running Promotions on Facebook

Things social media managers need to consider and be aware of when putting their next promotion together on Facebook.

Written by Arianne Donoghue

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ducksboard tv mode9. Real-time Business Dashboards: What, Why and How?

Annabel Hodges reviews some of the popular real-time-business dashboards that are making waves with companies of all sizes as they bring data together in a single view.

Written by Annabel Hodges

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Reading Glasses10. 5 Easy, Text-Only Tricks To Get Your Articles Read

A compelling headline or image may get you a click, but most people don’t read much more than that. Use word-based tactics to compel them to keep reading.

Written by Arienne Holland

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