Best Read Articles of March 2014

Best Read Articles of March 2014

7th April 2014

March was a full month on State of Digital with lots of fantastic content, both from events as well as from our very own authors. Below you can find an overview of the best read articles this past month on State of Digital.

Complete guide to Transmedia Storytelling1. The complete guide to Transmedia Storytelling

Every day in our Feedly or Twitter or Facebook or G+ appears a post about how to create relevant content for our website but how do your content noticed in a multi device world?

Written by Gianluca Fiorelli

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Smashing UX Design book2. Top resources for learning UX Design

Embedding UX in to the foundation of technology is essential. Here are some great resources to get started with learning UX and appreciating its value.

Written by Barry Adams

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data-camera-wide3. Traffic as Quality Indicator: What’s next in Link Evaluation?

Google knows a lot about how we’re actually moving on the web, which sites are being used how often and when, which links are clicked and which not.

Written by Bastian Grimm

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4. 12 Tips For Immaculate SEO on WordPress Sites

Marcus Taylor discusses how to create immaculate SEO for your WordPress sites.

Written by Marcus Taylor

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spam_thumb5. Why PR is more important than ever for SEOs

Banning platforms such as MyBlogGuest is a bitter pill to swallow for many SEOs, but it paves the way for Digital PR!

Written by Jodie Harris

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re-think-seo-strategy6. CMO’s: It’s Time to Re-think SEO

Although there are examples of some CMO’s doing a great job at optimizing the management of SEO, there are too many where the light bulb has not gone on.

Written by Matt Roberts

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personas-featured7. The Psychology Of Online Sharing – The 5 Primary Motivations & The 6 Online Sharing Personas

Clarissa Sajbl shares with us the second part of her ‘Psychology of Online Sharing’ blog post series. This post looks at what actually really motivates people to share content.

Written by Clarissa Sajbl

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Letter to Myself8. Growing Your Career with Digital Marketing

Are you prepared for digital marketing as it is now and will be in the future? Kate Morris looks into what you need to know to make a career in digital.

Written by Kate Morris

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iDoneThis word cloud9. 3 New Tools To Help Marketers Battle Information Overload

Arienne Holland reviews three new tools to help stay focused & productive, even on a 24/7 cycle.

Written by Arienne Holland

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house-upside-down10. ‘Different’ Non-Commercial Ways of Using Social Media

Social Media can be used in many ways, not just for marketing purposes. And marketers can learn a lot from the non-commercial ways of using Social Media.

Written by Bas van den Beld

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