Big Chip Awards 2014 #bigchipawards

Big Chip Awards 2014 #bigchipawards

29th July 2014

IMG_2987On Thursday 3rd July at the Midlands Hotel I was asked to attend the Big Chip Awards in Manchester. Not our usual SEO/SEM conference, but a full on Digital Awards do celebrating Digital Excellence in the North.

A treat for me as both the North and Digital was where I started out before eventually moving in to SEO. A double treat in fact as I got to rub shoulders with Manchester’s finest and the night was made extra special as I got to catch up with old friends AKA Manchester Digital Legends Tony Foggett, Louis Georgiou , and Wini Tse where I cut my teeth and had my first taste of agency life at CodeComputerlove when they were a startup. Fond memories 🙂

Refreshing to see such creativity on a relatively local level from companies large and small that still pushed boundaries it actually made me want to move back from SEO to Digital as there is nothing like being caught up in a Digital Project where every idea and every moment just gets better!

Such a fantastic event, full of buzz, atmosphere, and definitely full of win. Andrew Ryan was an hilarious host for the evening and in true comic form, picked on everyone 🙂 (see photos here)

Dave Carter who was retiring gave a speech worthy of Churchill as he commended the Manchester Digital Scene. The night itself showing that Manchester has no signs of stopping or of creativity in the area becoming stagnant with a record  number of entries and some pretty amazing talent on show.

After a splendid meal, the awards were underway with probably one of the busiest Twitter boards I’ve seen in a while (and I’ve seen a few!). At the end of the awards, all winners piled on stage for a cracking photo then prepared themselves for the following day’s walk of shame by heading to the neon disco room to boogie the night away (guilty as charged). I have spared you the embarrassing photos but for a pie and a pint, I might be persuaded to remember a few moments 🙂

Congratulations to all of the Winners and a big thanks to James Crawford at PRAgencyOne and Manchester Digital for inviting me to the event as a State of Digital VIP.

Big Chip Awards Winners 2014

Space 48

Best e-Business Project
Manchester City Council

Best Public Sector Project
Manchester District Music Archive

Best Not for Profit Project
Shout Digital

Best User Experience
Code Computerlove

Best use of Mobile

Best use of Visual Design

Best Application of Technology

Best use of Animation
Mediaworks Online Marketing for Travelex Netherlands

Best use of Search
Rule 5

Best use of Social

Best use of Gaming
MBNA Digital Team

Best Digital Marketing Campaign
Purple Riot
Best Digital Branding Campaign
University of Salford
Little Chip Student Award
Little Chip Placement / Apprentice Award

Best Start Up
Mighty Giant

Best Established
Freelancer / Micro Enterprise
KMP Digitata

Big Chip Digital
Agency Award

Big Chip Imagination Award
Creative Spark

Tasty Website Award
Manchester City Council

Anthony Wilson Original Modern Award
Code Computerlove

Grand Prix


Photos of the Event

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