Bing Desktop Puts Bing On Your Desktop

In a surprising move, at least to me, Microsoft made Bing Desktop, a little piece of software (1.4 MB) to add the search engine to your desktop. After downloading and installing the software there will be a small search field at the center of your desktop. After typing a query and hitting enter the browser will open with the results in a new tab.

The search field is designed to give quicker access to the search engine but I wonder if users who have a browser window opened most of the time will actually use the software. It does also remind me off the Windows Gadgets which are not developed or supported actively anymore.

By default the search field is placed in the middle of the screen but in the settings there is an option to place the field at the top of your screen. In that case you can simply move your mouse to the top and the search field becomes visible. Also you can drag the field to the left of right.

Everyday a new Wallpaper

Next to search the software has another feature where it can be used for: wallpapers. If you use Bing you will see a different background-image everyday on the homepage. Bing Desktop lets you connect to these pictures. By activating this feature in the settings the picture used on the homepage of the search engine will also be set automaticly as your wallpaper and this will also change every day.

Bing Desktop can be download here and is only available for Windows 7 users. Would you use Bing Desktop to search? Or would you use the software for the wallpapers?.

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6 thoughts on “Bing Desktop Puts Bing On Your Desktop

  1.  I downloaded Bing desktop the other day and I’m loving it.  I love the quick access to the search box with keyboard shortcuts (Windows button and H in case you’re wondering) and I love the ever-changing desktop background.

  2. This is really pointless on Win7 (the only OS it works on). Win7 already has automatically changing wallpapers built in, if you use one of the many dynamic wallpaper themes including the ones available from Microsoft showing their Bing images. It works on an RSS feed. Easy.

    The usual Bing search gadgets are better than this as well. I can place them wherever I like on the desktop in Win7, this new ‘Bing Desktop’ thing is limited to a couple of predefined spots.

    Why downgrade from the built in Win7 functions to this ‘Bing Desktop’? I don’t understand.

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