Bing Strips Search Results With New Look

Bing Strips Search Results With New Look

2nd May 2012

Microsoft decided to overhaul the design of the search results, the page now has a completely new layout. Earlier this year several users spotted a experiment of a cleaner interface and since that moment Microsoft experimented further and came up, based on the received feedback with this new stripped design.

After performing a query you will see a very clean and simple interface. The left column with search history and filters is gone and the related searches are now shown at the right net to the results. Besides the related searches nothing is shown here, even no ads. The left side as wide as the logo now looks pretty empty.

So many options are gone including the possibility of showing previews of websites. One of the few options that´s still there is the link to open a cached version of a page. Benefit of the new design are of course faster page-load times. The only graphical element is at the top of the page, a small bar of 10 pixels which brings you back to the homepage after clicking on it.

In the meantime Microsoft is looking at some ideas for the homepage like a larger version of the daily picture. Microsoft is asking users who see the homepage experiments to give feedback. Regarding the homepage I must say with the new results there’s a big difference between the two, better to also strip the homepage, some old search engine had some succes with that :-).



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